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Looking for chargers and adapters for your mobile phones and smart devices? With a great range of Australian designed products backed by a lifetime warranty, Testapower has you covered.

Pick up car phone chargers, personal charging stations, commercial 12-phone charging stations, wireless phone chargers, magnetic phone chargers, multi-port chargers, and much more. The Testapower range also includes rapid power banks so you can charge your phone on the go.

With options for individuals, families, and even businesses, you’ll never have to worry about a low battery again. Shop online now for phone chargers, car phone chargers, adapters and accessories, and get delivery to your door with Testapower

Wholesale Phone Chargers

Are you looking to purchase phone chargers for the entire office? Maybe you want a useful item to give away at an event, or you’re looking to buy multiple commercial phone charging solutions for your customers. Buy your phone chargers wholesale from Testapower and save! From discrete wireless chargers to 12V DC power supplies to 12-phone fast-charging stations, you can find it all at Testapower!

Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting products including customised packaging giving your trade show or even a unique point of difference and quality reflecting your corporate values. Gifting available on all Testapower lines.

Thinking perhaps this should be a new “button” on the website incorporating our ability to customise product for trade shows and events along with corporate Christmas and event giving

Car Phone Chargers

No road trip is complete without a car phone charger. Whether you’re travelling around Australia or you’re just popping to the shops, our car phone chargers will do the job. Our fast car phone chargers come with LED indicators, dual USB ports, and a lifetime warranty.

Shop online today for car phone chargers and all the other smart device chargers you need. We deliver to you across Australia!