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There’s nothing worse than getting caught with a low phone battery when there’s no charger in sight!

With your very own rapid power bank, you never need to find yourself in this situation! You can buy power banks online from Testapower full charged powerbanks allow you to charge your phone wherever you are – on the train, on the toilet, on a walk, or even when you’re out camping in a tent!

When you buy power banks online from our team, they come FULLY charged and ready to use with a FREE universal charging cable included. Combine this universal cable with your new power bank to charge a vast range of Android and Apple devices, and other smart devices, including a fast charge option charging in just minutes.

Buy Power Banks Online

Charging your smart device with a FULLY CHARGED power bank is as easy as plug and play. Simply choose the appropriate USB plug that comes FREE with your power bank and plug it into your device. Plug the other end into the power bank and your phone or tablet will begin charging in seconds.

Each power bank has the juice to charge your device approximately twice. A second USB slot is also available so you can charge two devices at once! Smart, stylish, safe, and slim, you can slip your power bank into your bag, briefcase, or pocket for easy transport and access.

For convenient charging at your fingertips, buy power banks online now!

Power Bank Bulk Order: Shop Now and Save

Power bank bulk orders are also available through Testapower.

You can buy in bulk and save, getting power banks for the whole family or your office. A power bank is also a useful and memorable gift that you can give away at events. Place a power bank bulk order and get a great price on as many power banks as you need.

These make a great corporate gift they are truly are the give that just keeps giving. Testapower can customise the purchase carrying corporate branding or branding message.