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A Commitment to Sustainability, Environmental and Social Governance with Testapower.

What does the role of technology play in our everyday environment?

For Testapower, we are committed to work on energy efficiency and e-waste. Our aim is to fully support customers’ desires to reduce their environmental footprint and build our business core philosophy to support a greener and dedicated approach to sustainability for our planet. This is our part in building towards a society with a focus on environmental, social and governance issues.

We, at Testapower, strongly believe that closely linking our tech products with the ethos of ‘always being aware of our environmental impact and our carbon footprint on what we do’ is the only way to realise longevity and efficiency. This allows us to reduce e-waste and energy consumption. We focus on our core values such as: 'building a socially conscious green and sustainable tech world’, which is about what we can do to design products that can stand the test of time, be energy efficient and support e-waste recycling pathways.

Some ways we are investing towards this approach is working collaboratively with other companies who aspire to the ‘recycle e-waste’ culture and supporting our customers who want to ‘value add’ to a safer new world tech environmental platform.

We believe in creating a pathway for the responsible disposal of computer hardware. You can help us by taking your ‘used techwares’ to these renewable and recycling places such as:

  • OFFICEWORKS for recycling cables, batteries and various computer tech products
  • Mobile Muster to hand in your old phones - MOBILE MUSTER
  • Recycling all your batteries by disposing them at any HOME HARDWARE, OFFICEWORKS, MOBILE MUSTER and B-CYCLE places
  • Packaging from Testapower is 100% recyclable. That’s right! When you get home, please place your packaging into the correct bin for waste management.