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Universal Charging Cables

Universal Charging Cables

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Charge your iPhone, iPad, Pod and the vast majority of Android devices with the universal fast charging cables from Testapower. These convenient charging cables are perfect for families, offices, and anyone who uses multiple devices. 

Our universal fast charging cables include 8-Pin Lightning, Micro USB, and USB-C plugs, as well as a standard USB. You can plug them into your wall charger, computer, portable mobile phone charger, and more.

Featuring a super-tough nylon-braided cable and a high-quality aluminium finish, your universal charging cable will stand up to wear and tear. Our cables also feature a slim design which makes them compatible with most phone cases.

If this sounds good to you, shop online now with Testapower, Australia’s universal charging cable suppliers.

Buy Universal Fast Charging Cables

You will be able to charge your phone in a fraction of the time when you choose our universal fast charging cables. Our cables feature 2.4 Amp capability, meaning they can support fast charging on compatible devices.

Unique to the market our charger is universal, you’ll be able to power up your iPad, Android tablet and a range of other smart devices including Android, apple phones and E-readers.

Australian Supplier of Type C (USB-C) Charging Cables and More!

Type C (USB-C) Charging Cables are becoming more popular as mobile phones, laptops, and other smart devices transition to USB-C charging. The problem is that you probably also have devices that run off Micro USB or Apple chargers.

Do you want Type C (USB-C) Charging Cables that can power up your new devices without having to carry around multiple cables for your existing tech?

Simply pick up our universal fast charging cables with USB-C capability and enjoy one tool that can charge all your devices, new and old, Android and Apple.

Get started with our universal charging cable suppliers today!